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FAQ and not so frequent questions (to the author)

Question: How do you deal with writer’s block?
Answer: I first come up with a story, then write it. This way I already have a line up and don't experience writer's block.

Question: What message would you like to give to your readers?
Answer: I would tell them to be careful with what they eat. Many companies label their industrial waste as food, adding a bright color to make it look nice and mixing it with cheap sugar to make it palatable. 

I have friends acquiring diabetes left and right because they splurge on sugar and high fructose corn syrup (sodas.) I heard high fructose metabolizes into fat, at the same time reducing liver function, pancreas and inducing high blood pressure.

I would ask them to do a test on themselves and skip the consumption of wheat for a week and see if there was any difference with their health, especially changes related to allergies and joint inflammation. After I went wheat/gluten free for an unrelated reason, my allergies disappeared and I haven't had a cold or flu for more than 10 years! I heard similar results from other people. There is a rumor that wheat is bathed in pesticides, which causes propensity to inflammation when consumed.

Also watch out for food coloring derived from petroleum distillates or coal tar, such as Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 6, etc. We noticed my son would display A.D.D symptoms every time he ate candies containing Red 40.

Note that both sugar and wheat consumption are slow in creating a negative reaction in the body, so it is hard for anyone to see the correlation between what they eat and their health situation.

This is just anecdotal information. I have no scientific data to back up it.

Question: Where did you get the idea for the Pulse: When Gravity Fails book?
Answer: ​Einstein had predicted that exploding stars would create gravitational distortions in spacetime. 
In the book, the closest stars to our sun, the Alpha Centauri system, suffers a cataclysmic event and the resulting wave is funneled toward our sun. Earth happens to be on the wave's path.
Of course, due to the distance, in real life we wouldn't be able to feel these waves.

Question: What’s your advice for aspiring writers?
Answer: ​​Try writing to pick a subject that you know and like.

Question: How do you get inspired to write?
Answer: ​Try writing to pick a subject that you know and like.

Question: I am busy with a Dr Degree on Engagement will this book (The Quantum Brain) contribute?
Answer: This book is science fiction and does not deal with engagement or management. It will not help you. I would suggest the books "Getting to Yes" and "Bargaining for Advantage" which deals with negotiation and is heavily used in management.